BrainRx training was developed to train and enhance cognitive learning skills.  It is what many affectionately refer to as a workout for the brain.

To train cognitive learning skills, BrainRx applies the most recent scientific research on learning.  Too often, this type of information sits on universities' shelves and may not be applied until many years later.  Plus, the information is often ignored because it would require a one-on-one training structure that most educational systems are not typically structured to provide.  BrainRx is at the forefront of making sure the most up-to-date research is applied in practical ways to help people of all ages. 

BrainRx was founded and is directed by a group of professionals from a variety of disciplines who have a common interest in helping individuals learn more easily and efficiently.  Included are psychologists (in the areas of neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, and clinical psychology), specialists in vision and auditory processing, and educators.

Prior to BrainRx, a number of its founders were involved in a pilot programs located in health care offices and tutoring centers across the United States and Canada.  The result were outstanding!  The training had a significant impact on the learning skills and lives of the thousands who participated in the program.  However, the program providers typically operated independently and only worked with a few students each year, so many individuals had need that were not being addressed.  Therefore, BrainRx was born. 

What do we do?






We are a family of caring professionals armed with the right training and tools to make a difference for parents and students. BrainRx is the answer to the heart-cry of thousands of parents of struggling students—parents who fear that their children are on the verge of being defined by discouragement, failure, and a lifetime of lost opportunity. No other solution—no matter the cost—has the power to so dramatically change all the ways a student lives and learns. The reason? We address the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.

     Our training incorporates techniques learned through the pilot program.  Ongoing research and trials have expanded it in significant ways to help specifically with pre-school preparation, math excellence and higher level reasoning skills, enhanced processing speed and general cognitive skills, and enhanced reading proficiency.

      We change lives through brain training. At the root of BrainRx’s success is a brain training program that has unmatched power to unlock learning potential by effectively addressing the cause behind learning and reading struggles. That cause is unseen cognitive skill weaknesses.

We Help Parents

Only at BrainRx do we focus on changing a student’s underlying ability to learn and read. We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based and clinically proven one-on-one and digital personalized training. You and your child are no longer limited to treating symptoms. With BrainRx training you can literally change how he or she learns and, in doing so, change the future.

BrainRx brain training centers serve a wide variety of adult needs as well. Brain training provides proven tools to help those looking for all types of skills enhancement. Career adults can gain a significant competitive edge. College students can leverage both class and study time. Senior adults can forestall or even reverse age-related mental and memory decline. Those facing the need for recovery of mental skills lost due to a traumatic brain injury see dramatic progress in a short amount of time.

Cognitive Skills Assessment

The first thing we do when you come to TST Cognitive Development Centre for help has you, your child or your employee do a comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment.


The Gibson Test is based on Gibson’s Learning Model which is grounded in the Cattell-Horn-Carrol (CHC) theory of intelligence. The CHC Theory is a model of intelligence that describes thinking as a combined set of multiple cognitive abilities including skills such as logic and reasoning, long-term and short-term memory, visual and auditory processing, and processing speed.


The Gibson Test meets the highest scientific standards and has been administered more than 92,000 times since 1999 by professions including psychologists, educators, neurologists, audiologists, speech & language professionals, and brain training specialists around the world. It has been validated and normed twice by experts in the fields of learning and cognition, and has strong psychometric properties that meet or exceed the standards for educational tests.


The Gibson Test is available in more than 20 languages, including English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Cantonese, Indonesian, Mandarin, Hungarian, Bahasa Malay, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Tagalog, Lithuanian, Polish, and Taiwanese Hokkien.


We focus our testing and analysis on specific areas that are strongly related to learning and performance whether at school, university, on the job, or in other areas of life. These skills include:


  • Memory Skills
    The ability to retrieve and retain information

  • Attention
    The ability to attend to and stay on task

  • Processing Speed
    The ability to handle information with ease and speed

  • Logic and Reasoning
    The ability to apply skills related to planning, thinking, and reasoning

  • Auditory Processing
    The ability to blend, segment, and analyze sounds

  • Visual Processing
    The ability to create and manipulate pictures in your mind


The report you will receive following the completion of the test will give you a detailed look at individual cognitive strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas. It also measures IQ.

Whether you are the parent of a struggling student, a parent or adult looking for a baseline test of current skills levels, an adult seeking help for yourself, a clinician seeking to help a client or patient, or an educator or school looking for answers for one or more students, The Gibson Test will give you invaluable information about brain performance as you determine the next best step for yourself or your child, student, or client.

What Difference Can Cognitive Testing Make for You or Your Child?

Many families and individuals describe experiencing an “Aha!” moment when they see the results of their test. In fact, we often hear comments like “Now everything makes sense!” as families see the performance of weak skills responsible for some of their most frustrating daily struggles. The reason to complete a cognitive test to identify weak skills is simple: Once identified, weak skills can be strengthened through brain training. Strengthening these skills typically addresses the root cause of the problem, and removes frustrating obstacles to learning.


Identifying weak skills can:

  • Give professionals and families the answers they need to make informed decisions regarding the best intervention for a child or adult

  • Save time and money that might have been spent pursuing interventions that don’t address the root cause of the problem
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